Teenager hopes a forever family will give her the home and love she wants needs

    6:24 AM, Nov 10, 2011   |    comments
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    • Patrice during her makeover
    • Dawn during her makeover
    • Patrice before & after her makeover
    • 16-year old Patrice
    • THV's Dawn Scott & Patrice
    • Dawn before and after her makeover

    It's no secret that teenagers who are up for adoption are among the toughest to place.

    That's one reason Today's THV is partnered with the Arkansas Department of Human Services, profiling some of the hundreds of children up for adoption in our state.

    16-year old Patrice has lived her life in and out of foster homes. She has been in state care since the age of 3.

    "I want to fit in," says Patrice. "And I want everyone to like me. But I can't get attached to somebody. It's hard to be around people and tell them a lot because when I do, I get pulled away or pushed away, so I just don't."

    One of the things Patrice, like any teenage girl loves, is being pampered. So makeup artist Shawn Berry at the Dillard's MAC counter offered to give her a makeover.

    Berry knows all about glitz and glamour, and Patrice, whose life has been full of heartbreak, was ready for her moment in the spotlight.

    "Have you ever had a makeover?" asks Berry. 

    "Yes," says Patrice, "but it's been a long time."

    Adoption specialist Monica Spencer says Patrice is a wonderful teenager with no special needs or problems.

    "Things didn't work out, and we had to make arrangements for her to be in a stable environment," Spencer says. "She is so beautiful. She's loving and caring, talkative and loves to be around people. She's just a well-rounded person that wants a loving family."

    Patrice is an "A" and "B" student who wants to attend the University of Central Arkansas. At her age, she says the chances of being adopted seem slim.

    "It's been a long time since I've been in a family that really loves me," says Patrice. "It's hard because I don't like feeling like I have nobody."

    "These children, these teenagers all they want is love," says Spencer. "A loving family who cares for them unconditionally, and that's not too much to ask. We're just hoping and praying that we do have families out there in the community that are willing to accept teenagers in their home."

    If you'd like to adopt Patrice or any of the children in state foster care click on the Arkansas Department of Human Services website for more information.

    There is also a great need in our state for foster homes, and there are no costs associated with adopting a child in Arkansas.

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