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    PETA seeking name change of tiny Texas town

    2:08 PM, Nov 16, 2011   |    comments
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    TURKEY, TX (CNN) -- A small northern Texas town is the target of an animal rights group this holiday season.

    PETA is calling on the town of Turkey to change its name for Thanksgiving. Instead, PETA is suggesting the town call itself "tofurky."

    Tom Sims does business in Turkey and says, "What do I think of changing Turkey's name to Tofurky? I think it's about the stupidest thing I've ever heard."

    It's that sentiment shared by many in this sweet little town of Turkey, Texas with less than 500 residents. it's almost like a joke to them. Controversial animal rights group PETA wants them to change the city's name to, get this, Tofurky.

    It's clear residents of turkey are against the name change. They don't want this sign to say Tofurky, Texas. PETA says turkeys suffer everyday of their lives and by changing the city's name to Tofurky, compassion for turkeys will be promoted. But residents say it's actually insulting.

    And here's a message to that animal rights group. One resident says, "Well, I believe in everybody having their own opinion, but there's a bumper sign that you can get any place in Texas at tourist bureaus. It says, 'Don't mess with Texas.' My theory is, we're going to make a new sign-- don't mess with Turkey, Texas."

    PETA sent a letter to the mayor asking for the name change for just Thanksgiving Day. It said in the letter that if the town changed its name, the animal rights group would give the town a healthy vegan feast for all its residents.

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