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    Flood waters sink boats and docks on Lake Hamilton

    10:43 PM, Nov 22, 2011   |    comments
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    • Cozy Acres, Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs. Courtesy of Dusty Diggs.
    • Lake Hamilton, Hot Springs

    HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) -- The waters of Lake Hamilton stayed calm Tuesday afternoon, a far cry from where they were Monday morning.

    "The water came up five in a half foot in a couple hours," says Dusty Diggs of Larry Diggs Construction, Inc.

    When the water rose, his team got to work.

    "People called and said there is docks loose up and there is a lot of high water up in the Cozy Acres area," says Diggs.

    Digg's says his father's construction company specializes in building and repairing boat docks and after Monday's flash floods, they have their hands full.

    "We've found paddle boats, flat bottoms, all kinds of debris. Hot water heaters, I mean there's been everything floating down the lake. Everything started upstream. When stuff started breaking loose, it hit everything else and kind of like a domino effect just took it all out," says Diggs.

    Diggs says Cozy Acres and Treasure Isle took the biggest hit and the repairs will not be cheap.

    "On that cove alone, I'd say it's up in the millions with the stuff that's been tore up with the boats and the boat docks and everything so it's a lot of damage," says Diggs.

    Damage that is leaving boat owners with a dent in their wallet and Diggs with a lot of work ahead of him.

    "Water has got to go somewhere. I know Louisiana has been wanting water and I think they are getting it now," says Diggs.

    Diggs says they are getting as much debris as possible off the water and out of the way of boaters. The remaining debris is being tied to the shoreline and will be picked up in the coming days.

    The Hot Springs Airport cited a record 4.41 inches of rain Monday, surpassing the previous record of 0.57 set in 2007.

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