Group of siblings spends Thanksgiving in two separate foster homes

    6:28 PM, Nov 24, 2011   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- This Thanksgiving, we continue our partnership with the Department of Human Services by introducing you to a group of kids - desperate for a place to call home.

    Deep in the foam pits at River City Gymnastics, three little brothers play, while their big sister takes over the inflatable bouncy house.

    They are four siblings, left behind by their parents.  Neglected, unwanted and now praying for a new family.

    Scott is the youngest of the four at age 2. Desiree, the oldest at age 7.  Hunter is 6-years old, and Thomas is 4-years old.

    Family services worker Bridgette Austin says they are wonderful children who need a permanent two-parent family.

    "They love each other," says Austin. "They enjoy spending time with each other and just functioning with each other, ya know, doing things together. Going outside and playing. It doesn't take much to please em, really happy kids."

    They've been in state care for 18 months due to neglect, and they live in two separate foster homes.  They desperately want to be reunited. 

    "I had to take care of all three of em at the same time," says Desiree, referring to her little brothers. "And it's really, really confusing."

    Now, she and her siblings say they are ready for a new start, hoping someone will see them, bring them home, and care for them.

    "I want a good family that won't leave us by ourselves when we're not allowed to," says Desiree. 

    "And I wanna live with Thomas and Scott!" says Hunter.

    Special thanks to River City Gymnastics for hosting the children.

    If you'd like more information on them, or any of the other children in state care who are up for adoption, visit the Arkansas Department of Human Services adoption website.

    There are no costs associated with adopting a child in state care.   








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