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    15-year old hoping for the gift of a family this holiday season

    7:06 AM, Dec 15, 2011   |    comments
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    • 15-year old Shawn praying he finds a forever family
    • Dawn, Shawn, and Ed


    It's something most of us crave during the holidays-- blazing fires, warm meals, and especially family.

    But some children in Arkansas don't have a family, though they desperately want and need one.

    15-year old Shawn is one of those children.  He has been in state foster care for the past five years.

    We met at the THV studios, and Shawn had the opportunity to meet THV Chief Meteorologist Ed Buckner. It is Shawn's dream to one day be a weather forecaster.

    Working with Ed and seeing the weather models and maps was the surprise of a lifetime. Shawn also had a chance to live his dream by taping a "pretend" weathercast.

    It was a moment in the spotlight for a young man who knows all too well a life of shattered dreams

    "I just wanna find a mom and a dad and a few dogs," says Shawn.

    Shawn's own mom and dad neglected him. He now lives in a state facility for foster children.

    "Shawn just needs somebody that loves and cares for him," says his DHS adoption specialist Mike Luster. "And will teach him what's acceptable in society and what's not. Other than that, he's got all the tools to make a perfect family."

    Energetic and outgoing, Shawn is hoping desperately he will find that perfect family, something especially tough to understand during the holidays.

    "It means being with a family instead of in a facility," Shawn says, "cuz a facility is a whole lot worse than not being with a family."

    Luster describes Shawn as a wonderful young man who is the "life of the party" and hopes he finds a home soon.

    "When asked about what you want for Christmas, when a child looks at you and tells you it's not really a toy or a card, it's a mom or dad," says Luster. "That's real hard and that's why we're working so hard for Shawn, because we know somewhere in Arkansas there is a mom and dad and we wanna get it for him."

    Special thanks to our own Chief Meteorologist Ed Buckner for welcoming Shawn. Also thanks to our operations staff who recorded Shawn's weathercast and gifted him with a DVD.
    Click on the Arkansas Department of Human Services adoption website if you'd like to know more about Shawn or any of the children in state foster care who are up for adoption.

    There are no costs associated with adopting a child in state care.

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