Police investigating Donaldson shooting

    10:46 PM, Dec 29, 2011   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A domestic dispute leads to shooting in small community in Donaldson.

    Police say that the dispute was between a male and female who were fighting over a weapon. Three officers arrived at the house as the couple was fighting. They say that a gun was fired, however, they are not saying of it was an accident or not.

    Arkansas State Police are involved in this investigation due to the fact that officers were present when the shooting occurred. However, they maintain that the officers did not fire a gun.

    Detective Sergeant Jerry McAnear with the Hot Spring County Sheriff's Office says it is still unclear if the shooting was on purpose or by accident.

    "As they approached discreetly, they noted a struggle over a fire arm. They rushed in but before they could safely secure the weapon, the weapon discharged striking the two individuals that were fighting over the weapon. One suffered a non life threatening injury. The other died here at the scene," said Sgt. McAnear.

    Deputies took the injured person to the hospital. This person is in police custody. At the time, they are not releasing if the deceased is male or female.No officers were they hurt in the struggle.

    Although deputies witnessed only one shot, next door neighbor Tony Richard says he heard many more.

    "I heard a couple of gunshots and that's when I got up and went over to the window and was looking out and then after just a few minutes I saw some people running across the front of my property over there and I didn't realize it at first what was going on but they were carrying guns or rifles or whatever headed that way and then I heard another couple of shots and then after that police started showing up from every direction," said Richard.

    Richard says there have been a couple of domestic problems at his neighbors home in the past but none that escalated like this.

    The deputies are giving statements to state police, but none have been placed on leave due to the incident

    Names have not been released, as they are in the process of notifying the victim's family. 

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