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    Report: More men becoming stay-at-home dads

    4:41 AM, Jan 9, 2012   |    comments
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    FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) - Census numbers show more dads are staying home. One-third of dads with working wives regularly care for their kids younger than 15 years old, according to the United States Census Bureau.  

    Fayetteville dad Derrick Bobbitt is one of about 160,000 stay-at-home dads in the country. He has three very demanding bosses, Kennedy, Brooklyn, and Carrington. He doesn't have a schedule and works long hours.

    "I think it would be easier if I did 40 hours at a job. It would be easier on me, less stressful because this is an 80 hour week," said Derrick Bobbitt.

    He is Mr. Mom and loves every minute of it.

    "The way they look at you and smile and hug you and give you kisses, it melts your heart," said Derrick Bobbitt.

    He's not alone. The number of stay-at-home dads has nearly doubled in the last decade in the U.S.

    His wife Susan Averitt-Bobbitt is a pediatrician and money was a factor in their decision.

    "She was going to make a little more money than I was and I said well you know what I know how important it is for someone to stay home and I will do that," said Derrick Bobbitt.

    His wife said she is proud of the way her husband cares for their daughters.

    "A lot of times people would ask me is your husband a doctor too and I'll say 'no he's a stay at home dad'. Or people will ask me how do you do it you got three kids, you work full time and I say 'well I got a Derek,'" said Averitt-Bobbitt.

    She said it's important to have a parent that stays home because they are a child's first teacher.

    "He goes above and beyond in that role. He really wants to put all of his effort to make sure our kids are prepared when they start school," said Averitt-Bobbitt.

    Bobbitt's job is not common and he explains the reactions he gets when he tells others he's a stay-at-home dad.

    "I said I'm a stay at home dad and he goes no seriously what do you do I stay home and take care of my children and he goes if you don't want to tell me you don't have to tell me and I said never mind," said Bobbitt.

    Bobbitt also volunteers at his daughters' school and is their soccer, softball, and basketball coach.

    He said you need patience to be a stay at home parent but it's worth it.

    "When they grow up and leave and move out of the house I would look back and say you know what that was a special, it was a wild ride but I loved every minute of it," said Derrick Bobbitt.

    Family demographic experts said the rise in stay-at-home dads is credited to more women in the workforce and the economy, which leaves some without work and makes day care expensive.

    (Source: KFSM)

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