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    Developing info in John Glasgow's disappearance

    7:07 PM, Jan 12, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Four years after a Little Rock business man disappears, possible steps towards an answer surface in Faulkner County.

    Roger Glasgow is trying to make sense of the disappearance of his brother, John, who left his house one morning in 2008, never to return.

    "Unless you've gone through something like that it's really hard to explain. It's something you think about every day. It never goes away. It's been four years, as you said, we're coming up on the 4th anniversary the 28th of this month."

    Jon Brawner, a convicted felon, has told police he knows where John Glasgow was killed and buried.

    Glasgow's brother said the inmate, Jon Brawner has been claiming to have the information for several months.

    While he doesn't know what happened to his brother, he is sure about one thing. 

    When THV asked if he believed his brother was dead, he responded, "Yes. I do. I do and I think that most of the members of my family arrived at that conclusion after a period of time.  Family was the most important thing to him. Above all others. He would not just disappear into blue sky and not contact his family for this length of time."

    Thursday, Glasgow told THV that the Little Rock Police Department contacted him a few months ago with news that Jon Brawner, a Faulkner County inmate, had divulged he knows something about John Glasgow's whereabouts.

    He passed a polygraph on it. Brawner allegedly tried to help kidnap a Conway business man in 2009. That mark on his record makes Glasgow think there could be some truth to his claims in his brother's case. 

    He says, "I was hopeful that IF there was something there, it would be verified that the hard evidence could be established that if my brother's body is out there somewhere that it could be recovered." 

    Glasgow said, "As it has been reported he was under some pressure at his work but I mean, it was the end of the year and he was, after all, the CFO and had to close out the books all that goes with it."

    Glasgow says they had taken an extended family ski trip to Colorado 3 weeks before John's disappearance and he seemed in good spirits. He doesn't think his brother had enemies, a man who kept to himself and loved everyone close to him.

    But just days before the upcoming anniversary of his brother's disappearance, Glasgow says he never wants to meet John Brawner. He wants to leave everything to the law enforcement. 

    "Ya know? I'd never heard of this man. Had no idea he even existed until all this came up. We've heard a lot of wild stories since my brother disappeared, and of course this is a wild story as well but maybe there is something to it. I know law enforcement is pursuing it and they're doing an extensive investigation of this area of where he's supposedly buried and maybe they'll come up with something."

    Our partners at Arkansas Business tell us Glasgow says the LRPD plans to borrow a sonogram machine from the University of Arkansas' archaeology department to try to determine whether any dirt in the field has been disturbed.

    He told Arkansas Business that he thinks the inmate is just trying to cut a deal.

    Brawner says authorities have searched the area where he says Glasgow is buried without finding anything.

    Glasgow was an executive with CDI Contracting. He was last seen leaving his home in January of 2008. His vehicle was found the next day parked on Petit Jean Mountain.

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