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    Rate my subway rat!

    9:05 AM, Jan 17, 2012   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CNN) -- Most transit systems would try to play down the number of rats in their subways, but not New York City.

    In the Big Apple, commuters have one more week to send in photos of the nastiest rats they see in the subway to compete in the Rate-My-Rat contest.

    When you see a New Yorker looking down the tracks it's not always a train he's looking for. The Rate-My-Rat contest has been extended. The Transit Workers Union asked commuters to submit their nastiest rat photo to ratfreesubway.com. The contest web site features videos shot in the subway, like Rat Drags Pizza and Rat Picnic even has a soundtrack.

    In the rat gallery, you can vote on the photos submitted by commuters: handsome, cute, plain, ugly and the coveted beastly.

    Who cares about the Golden Globes. New York has the Golden Rat. Leading the ratpack, one guy nosing around a slit in a garbage bag is ahead in the voting. The winning photographer gets to ride the rails free for a month. But hey, rats always get a free ride. Remember the sleeping passenger who woke up to a rat crawling on him?

    Conductor Scott Harris describes how a train conductor snacking in the crew room got bitten b a rat. He says, "Went to bite the food and actually bit him."

    The Union is pushing the contest because it's negotiating with management and wants the Transit Authority to hire more cleaners. Sometimes the subway can feel like a rat race to nowhere.

    At least the rats provide entertainment. This visitor from Chicago joked about spotting her very first subway rat the other night. .

    But who needs to exaggerate in a city where we once saw a rat about to get squished in the middle of 8th Avenue, when a good Samaritan ran out and rescued it.

    Who says New Yorkers don't give a rat's "bleep."Turns out the rescuer was from Boston.

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