Arkansas Lost & Found Pet Network helps find lost pets

    7:07 PM, Feb 1, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - It's something that happens every day. Your dog wanders off from home -- or even worse, is taken from your very own backyard. Unfortunately, the number of missing pets, especially dogs, seems to continue to rise.

    Now, some people are turning to social media to help bring their pets back home.

    10 days. That's how long Vicki King's dog has been missing.

    "I went Sunday to Wal-Mart and when I got back home he was nowhere to be found. And he always greets me at the truck," King explains.

    King says her boxer-pit "Jake" often wanders their Floyd neighborhood, but she's worried he may have been stolen.

    "That's a definitely a concern because he's never left and not come back. He stays in the house most of the time," says King.

    King, like many, turned to social media to ask for help.

    "A lot of people are looking. They've lost their dogs as well. And a lot of well wishers, but no leads," adds King.

    Jamie Walden, founder of Arkansas Lost and Found Pet Network on Facebook, says they've reunited hundreds of pets with their owners over the past year.

    "We just try and help the pet get home and reunited with their owners. Whether it's they've been stolen or whether they're missing. We've had about a thousand lost pet submissions. And about 700 found pet submissions," says Walden.

    Walden says while many pets wander off, some are stolen for a variety of reasons, like dog fighting.

    "Particularly with large, strong breeds that look intimidating like that, that is a very real threat," Walden says.

    Cristy Sowell used the site to post when she found a dog.

    "Happy little guy, just happy go lucky, was running as fast as he could bouncing along going toward Cantrell road."

    Sowell lost her dog six years ago and felt the need to step in to help.

    "You constantly hear these very motivational stories of pets that have overcome all obstacles and distances to get home. And as their human friends it's the best thing that we can do to offer that helping hand because I would feel so good if he got back to his family. Because it's obvious someone is missing him," Sowell says.

    Sentiments shared by others.

    "That is a tragic, tragic situation to have to try and find your pet that you've lost. And so anything that will help, whether it's us or someone else," says Walden.

    "I just hope that they're taking care of him, whoever has him. And will bring him back home," King says.

    While many who posted on the ALFPN Facebook page say they think their dog wandered off, they admitted they don't even want to think that a pet could be stolen from their home.

    Since January 1st there have been 53 missing dog posts on the ALFPN Facebook page.

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