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    New Mexico mom saves school bus full of kids

    8:33 AM, Feb 16, 2012   |    comments
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    ALBUQUERQUE, NM (CNN) -- A mom in New Mexico is credited with saving a bus full of children. The driver collapsed at the wheel while the bus was in motion. And when the Albuquerque mother realized something was wrong, she hopped on the moving bus to help the kids onboard.

    Rhonda Carlsen saw trouble and didn't hesitate. Ignoring her own safety, she jumped onto a moving school bus, stopped it from crashing, then called 911.

    School officials say the driver had a seizure behind the wheel with a bus full of kids. He didn't stop to pick up her daughters. Carlsen says, "I sprinted to the bus and, again, all I could see was something was clearly wrong with him as the bus was moving. I wanted just to do anything to get inside."

    Running alongside, she pounded on the door but couldn't pry it open. She says, "While the bus is in motion, for safety reasons, the doors are designed to stay shut."

    So she coached a third grader to pull the lever. She says, "I just was pointing to where he could open the door and I just said, 'Pull this. Open the door. Grab that.'"

    Once inside, she put her foot on the brake, turned off the engine and called for help. The driver comes to and Rhonda reassures him.

    The driver and kids are all safe because of Rhonda. The driver was taken to the hospital and he's now reportedly recovering at home.

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