Want to lose weight? Try drinking more beer!

    12:19 PM, Feb 28, 2012   |    comments
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    SPRINGFIELD, MO (CBS/KOLR) - For some it's the diet of your dreams. Drinking beer! You can find any number of bloggers online who have started losing weight on the beer diet.

    It's when you drink only three beers a day with a snack and lots of water. While the new fad has doctors and fitness experts concerned, one expert says a libation weight loss plan is nothing new.

    The gym is full at Ozarks Fitness Center as many are dropping pounds before beach season, but what if your weight loss regiment replaced pushups for pints.

    Nathan Traw says, "You're going to get lots of B vitamins. Beer has 110 percent of your daily B vitamin intake."

    Nathan Traw is the quality lead at Mother's Brewing Company. When he hears people scold beer drinkers for their unhealthy habits, he says, "It upsets me a little bit. Beer is a natural substance."

    Nathan has extensively researched the history of beer. He says while beer diets have become a growing trend on YouTube, beer was long considered a healthy substitute for meals.

    For instance, in ancient Egypt it was used as a form of payment and a diet to build the pyramids. Traw says, "They were given a gallon a day and it was there breakfast and sometimes their lunch. And if you look at Egyptians and their history they are known for their health. I imagine building the pyramids, especially the Egyptian pyramids would be difficult. If they could do that on an all beer diet, then we can, in the modern world, do anything we want."

    Before you brush aside the all beer diet, keep in mind that beer has basically the same ingredients as bread or cereal. So maybe the Mother's tasting room is more like a fitness center then you might think. Traw says, "We may put some light free weights so with your daily pints of Mother's beer you can also get your daily barbell workout."

    But while the all beer diet may have the support of Mother's, not everyone is on board. One person says, "I would definitely suggest that wouldn't be the right thing to do." Another says, "They need to rethink what they are doing."

    Of course you should talk to your doctor before ever starting a diet, or a fast, of this nature. But don't expect them to be on board. One doctor says there are no real nutrients, no protein and no fat.

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