Jon Brawner, who claims to have helped bury John Glasgow's body, sentenced to 10 years

    7:29 PM, Mar 9, 2012   |    comments
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    CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) - An inmate in Faulkner County was sentenced to 10 years for a stalking case against his ex-wife, according to 20th Judicial Prosecutor Cody Hiland.

    Jon Brawner is the man who led officials on a search for former construction executive John Glasgow's body in a Lonoke County field in January. Brawner claims to have helped bury Glasgow's body, however, the body was not found when officials searched the field.

    "I can tell you this: Jonathan Brawner has proven himself to be a very dangerous individual." says Hiland.

    "There is an ongoing investigation into whether or not a "hit" was put out on one of our prosecutors, one of the members of our judiciary here in Faulkner County the 20th district. We take those things very seriously." says Hiland.

    Meanwhile, Major Andy Shock with the Faulkner County Sheriff's Department says they can't release many details but confirms, "...at this time Mr. Brawner is under investigation for an additional criminal offense. NOT what he's being held on right now. But he is under investigation for possible further criminal sanctions." says Shock.

    Those accusations came to light in the Faulkner County circuit Courtroom Thursday when Brawner received a 10 year prison sentence for stalking his ex-wife. 

    Hiland says, "Mr. Brawner's attorney filed a motion for the judge to recuse and for the prosecution to recuse based on there was some rumor, innuendo that he had put out a hit on some officials in the county. Court denied that motion, said there was no basis for a conflict for him to have to recuse and went ahead and sentenced him."

    This is not Brawner's first run-in with the law. Hiland also mentions Brawner's incident in Conway County where he was involved in the attempted "hit" of an individual there.

    Hiland says, "Him receiving prison time is the best thing for citizens in Faulkner and Conway County."

    Brawner is incarcerated in the Faulkner County jail until being moved to an Arkansas Department of Correction unit.

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