Omaha police search for Shirlee Sherman, Thomas Hunter's killer

    12:51 PM, Mar 13, 2012   |    comments
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    OMAHA, NE (CBS) - It's a mystery unsolved. Four years after someone opened the door to an Omaha home; a killer walked in then stabbed a boy and his housekeeper. Tuesday marks four years since that horrible crime. Detectives are pouring over computer information, trying to solve the case.

    It's a murder mystery that shocked Dundee and still has Omaha police puzzled. Four years after someone brutally murdered 11-year-old Thomas Hunter and 57-year-old Shirlee Sherman. Investigators are looking at each lead with fresh eyes. One part of their investigation has them turning back to the Internet.

    Lt. Ken Kanger says, "We know Thomas spent a lot of time on the computer, chat rooms, a lot of time gaming and that's a little bit different because when kids game they can game live and they can have conversations with people they're gaming with."

    Investigators are once again looking into who Thomas and Shirlee may have communicated with online. Lt. Ken Kanger says the net is cast wide, coast to coast, to find anyone in that cyber world who might know something. Kanger says, "We're trying to narrow that down to the day that he came home from school and to the days prior and then we have to locate this individual, see if they or someone they associate with have anything in their background that would cause us to want to talk to them."

    Detectives have also gone back to the Hunter's home to revisit old clues. Kanger says one of the toughest parts about the investigation is how much time has passed, but he won't give up. He says, "Detectives and myself worked a lot on the case coming in weekends, in order for you to do that you have to be optimistic and you have to have a positive mindset and that's how you solve them."

    With that mindset and new information, the killer might finally be brought to justice.

    Investigators are once again interviewing people who knew or came in contact with both Shirlee and Thomas. A local television station reached out to both families but were unable to get an interview.

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