David Pietz arrested for wife Nicole Pietz's 2006 murder

    8:28 AM, Mar 22, 2012   |    comments
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    KING COUNTY, WA (CNN) -- Police in King County, Washington make an arrest in a six-year-old cold case. The husband of a woman killed in 2006 is now behind bars.

    Nicole Pietz disappeared in January 2006. Police always said it's the husband. One reason when her body was found, Nicole Pietz was wearing a tooth guard that he never wore except to sleep. But the years went by. Nicole's mother Gael Schneider says, "You know I don't think a day's gone by that I haven't cried at some point in the day. I talked to her all the time, I have her ashes here at home."

    And detectives imagined a killer on the loose. Chief Steve Strachan says, "Six years have gone by, and the suspect in this incident may have started to think he was going to get away with this one."

    But today detectives say the investigation is over, and Nicole's husband David was arrested, the charge is murder 2. Strachan says, "This is sort of like an episode of CSI that took six years to develop."

    Police knew the medical examiner placed time of death as no later than 22 minutes after midnight on Jan. 28. And they knew there was a call from Nicole's phone, a call made after she died. Detectives say modern technology allowed them to determine where the last phone call was made from Nicole's cellphone.

    The call made eleven hours after she died was made from where her husband worked. Detectives also preserved DNA from Nicole's car which was found far away from her body. DNA which police say modern technology shows, David was the last driver. And they say he failed a polygraph. He now faces murder charges.

    Her mother feels relief. Schneider says, "All I could think of is this isn't bringing my daughter back but at least this maniac is going to suffer for what he did."

    David Piez is being held on $1 million bail.

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