New developments in missing person: Cleashindra Hall's case

    6:27 PM, Mar 30, 2012   |    comments
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    PINE BLUFF Ark. (KTHV) - A cold case gets a new break. Pine Bluff Officers spent Thursday searching a home in connection with the disappearance of Cleashindra Hall. Her mother sat down with THV's Lauren Scott.

    Losing a child is one of the unbearable pains many people face. Laurell Hall is one of them, her daughter disappeared years ago. After years of no leads some new information has surfaced. Hall says it sparked a search at a house they should have combed through in the beginning.

    It's a special day in the Hall house. Friday is Cleashindra Hall's 36th birthday. "We do different things, sometimes depending on the day I'll bring a cake to church and we will have birthday cake today I plan to release 36 balloons for her."

    But they aren't together to celebrate. Hall disappeared in 1994, reportedly last seen by Dr. Larry Amos, leaving a house he owns. She worked part time while in high school. Hall has now been missing for as long as her parents knew her. "We're just stuck at 18 that girl that I saw walking into her job that last day, that's all I have."

    Her mother, LauRell Hall, says Thursday was the first time officers searched the entire house. Pine Bluff P-D says a tip led them to obtain the search warrant for the property.

    They brought in cadaver dogs and ground penetrating radar equipment to search the home which is under construction. Crowds gathered at the scene of Thursday's search and Hall appreciates the support-she says thanks to facebook she keeps up with some of her daughter's classmates.

    "Even at my job I'll see one occasionally they come in and they've got a baby and I'm thinking where's my baby does she have a baby or something so it does make me happy to see them but sad too because I'm wondering what's going on with her."

    Despite the years that have passed with no signs of her daughter-Hall says she lives in her heart and plans to celebrate her birthday and continue the search.

    "People think that by talking to me about her it makes us sad but it makes us sad when people don't say anything because it makes us think the only people thinking about Clea is her family and surely there is someone else that she has come in contact with and touched that is thinking about Clea."

    We tracked down Dr. Larry Amos but he has no comment on anything, not even what kind of doctor he is. So I called the state medical board to find out what he is licensed in, but they have no record of a Doctor Larry Amos in Pine Bluff.

    Amos moved out of the home on Faucett Drive about 16 years ago, but officers say he plans to move back in as soon as the remodeling is finished.

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