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    Visa, Mastercard hacked, accounts at risk

    12:55 PM, Apr 2, 2012   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CNN) -- Two separate credit card issues have some shoppers feeling a bit nervous. Here is who was affected, and what the companies and regulators are doing to fix the problems.

    News of a major credit card hack started trickling out Friday afternoon but now more details have been released and you could be one of the people affected.

    Here's what we know, one and a half million account numbers were stolen from a company called global payments. It processes credit and debit card transactions.

    Names, addresses and social security numbers were not compromised which means the hackers can make fake credit cards, but they don't have enough info for full-fledged identity theft.

    Also the secret service is investigating the breach. But the big concern is how far this is going to go. The breach impacted Visa and Mastercard.

    Discover and American Express are monitoring people's accounts. And if you own a Visa credit card you may be reeling from a double whammy. Aside from the potential hacking fallout some Visa card holders found their plastic didn't work at all on Sunday.

    The outage lasted about 45 minutes and Visa says it was caused by a glitch during a system update. The company say everything should be back to normal now. While all of this may seem troubling, experts say customers should sit tight.

    If your credit card company sees something suspicious, they will contact you. If your account is compromised, you'll probably be issued a new card and banks may offer you free credit monitoring.

    No matter what, you won't be liable for unauthorized charges to your account.

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