Siblings have been in the foster care system for nearly nine years

    4:12 PM, Apr 19, 2012   |    comments
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    No matter who you are or how old, the fact is you still need your parents. But a brother and sister in Central Arkansas don't really know what that means. They've been in foster care since 2003. 

    Singing is what 11-year old D'Angelo does to forget for a moment a life that has been unkind.

    "I like to sing to Michael Jackson music," says D'Angelo.

    The outgoing young man loves to talk and has a lot of friends. But one thing he doesn't have is a forever family. Still, he tries not to let it bring him down.

    "Yea, I just keep a positive attitude about it, and I don't think about it," D'Angelo says.

    His 15-year old sister Crystal on the other hand keeps quiet and dances.

    "She's sweet, yet she can be really shy sometimes," says DHS Adoption Specialist Cathleen Armstrong. "She's got a personality all her own. When she opens up, she's really sweet."

    The young singer and dancer got a little one-on-one private instruction from teachers at the Dancers Edge in Benton. It was definitely a treat for a young lady and young man whose lives have been difficult at best.

    Still, D'Angelo keeps a smile, but gets confused at times why no one has adopted him.

    "(Dawn) What do you think about when you think of the word 'home'? What does that mean to you? (D'Angelo) A permanent placement."

    Crystal can no longer speak about it.

    "(Dawn) It's too much sometimes to talk about, huh? ((nods))..."

    "(She) just cries every time we go to court," says Armstrong. "Just the uncertainty of where she's gonna go next and if somebody's gonna take her in and if she's gonna have a place to stay."

    Armstrong says she knows a family is out there who will see these two and reunite them, bring them home. She believes what they need and want most is simply to be loved.

    Special thanks to Dancers Edge in Benton, along with Chelsea Massey and Sandy Shipe for the private dance and voice lessons. It was such a delight for the children to get that kind of one-on-one attention.

    If you'd like to adopt Crystal or D'Angelo or any of the other children in state foster care click on the Arkansas Department of Human Services adoption website.

    There are no costs associated with adoption children in state foster care.


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