'Operation Delta Blues' timeline of events

    3:08 PM, Sep 17, 2012   |    comments
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    Story Summary:

    -A parole officer was arrested Monday in connection with the ongoing Operation Delta Blues.

    -The four-year-long federal drug investigation took place in Helena-West Helena.

    -Dozens of people, including multiple police officers, were arrested.

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - "Operation Delta Blues" is a four-year-long federal investigation of a drug operation in Helena-West Helena. It's been deemed one of the largest drug busts in Arkansas' history. On Monday, a parole officer was arrested and charged with extortion.

    Below, you'll find the timeline of events that took place, from October 2011 to present day:

    - October 11, 2011: A four-year-long drug operation investigation comes into light with a press conference as a significant number of indictments and arrests were made in Helena-West Helena. Five law enforcement officers were among the dozens of people arrested.

    - October 12, 2011: Helena-West Helena community reeling after the federal sting operation. The U.S. District attorney calls it one of the largest busts in the state's history.

    - October 13, 2011: Five additional arrests were made, but three remained at large. Authorities remind the public not to try to apprehend the individuals still at large. Also, several officers plead 'not guilty' to charges.

    - October 14, 2011: Helena West Helena officer Robert Rogers and Marvell officer Robert Wahls are both denied bail. Authorities say they aided drug traffickers by escorting them through town for money.

    - October 20, 2012: Bond denied for Hermon Eaton, a former law enforcement officer.

    -October 21, 2012: Helena-West Helena seeing signs of economic rebound post-'Operation Delta Blues.'

    -November 28, 2011: U.S. District Judge James M. Moody denied Robert Rogers' detention appeal.

    -December 21, 2011: Alleged leader, Sedrick "Binky" Trice changes plea, telling the federal judge that he's guilty.

    -January 19, 2012: Robert "Bam Bam" Rogers, Neteisha Barefield, Dempsey Word plead guilty.

    - January 26, 2012: Former Marvell police officer Robert Wahls enters guilty plea.

    - February 17, 2012: Third of five officers pleads guilty: former Helena-West Helena officer Herman Eaton. 

    - February 27, 2012: In a THV Extra, reporter Max Seigle visits with the community and city and law officials on what Helena-West Helena is like now, post-'Operation Delta Blues.' They say its "thriving."

    - March 16, 2012: Fourth officer pleads guilty: Former Phillips Co. Sheriff's Deputy Winston Jackson.

    - April 12, 2012: Kentrell Starks, Joseph B. Hall, Marcus Hughes, Emmett Smith agree to guilty plea.

    - April 17, 2012: Demond McKinney pleads guilty in 'Delta Blues' drug investigation.

    - April 18, 2012: Alleged leader, Sedrick Trice is sentenced to 40 years in prison.  Dempsey Word is sentenced to 200 months.

    - April 24, 2012: Leon Edwards and Russell Taylor plead guilty to drug-related charges. Prosecutors agreed to drop the other charges against the men as part of the plea deal. Prosecutors also recommended a 22-year sentence for Edwards.

    - May 16, 2012: Former officer Hermon Eaton, who pleaded guilty to extortion and money laundering, has been sentenced to 16 months in prison.

    - May 23, 2012: State Trooper Chris Goodman, who provided assistance in two federal investigations in eastern Arkansas, has been named Trooper of the Year.

    -May 30, 2012: Former Marvell police officer Robert Wahls was sentenced to 24 months after his plea agreement. The judge gave him two years supervised release as well.

    - June 27, 2012: The trial of a former Arkansas police officer, Marlene Kalb, charged in a sweeping drug and corruption investigation has been rescheduled.

    - Sept. 12, 2012 Michael Wayne Webb, Marcus "Pig" Thompson plead guilty. 

    - Sept. 17, 2012 Parole officer Roxanne Davis of Wynne arrested on extortion charge. Prosecutors say Davis was intercepted talking to the parolee on a wiretap used in "Operation Delta Blues."

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