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    Homework is more than just good grades, but great style

    10:45 AM, Jun 4, 2012   |    comments
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    LETHBRIDGE, Alberta (CNN/CBC NEWS) -- A high school student in Canada found a way to cut the cost for her graduation dress. She made it using unusual, and plentiful material, her homework!

    Up close, it's like any other math equation. Zoom out, and it equals a work of art. Kara Koskowich says, "This part is where I sewed the darts so it would stay in that shape."

    Kara Koskowich, 17, "constructed" her own grad dress out of her left over homework. She says, "Math is kind of, I don't know, more interesting to look at almost."

    More interesting than the dresses she saw in stores anyway, and "way" less expensive. She says, "For me it's not a big spend your money, you have to look this nice, you have to fit into this mold of GRAD."

    Kara took an analytical approach to her design. She says, "It's supposed to look like an explosion so it's strips that are all coming out this way and originally, and also these were all glued on and also sewed, you can tell on the edges like here and here I sewed them on."

    It took almost 75 pieces of paper to finish the dress. Kara started it back in March but admits the stereotype fits. She left her homework to the last minute. She says, "I finished it the night before grad and I did most of it in the last week because I'm that kind of person (laughs) I procrastinate."

    Dorothy Graham says, "Everyone was wearing these elegant dresses and we're in dresses that cost NOTHING and we were the most popular people there."

    Definitely a grad to remember. Kara's best friend, Dorothy made her dress out of plastic shopping bags.

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