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    New app for Saline County Sheriff's Dept.

    7:23 PM, Jul 31, 2012   |    comments
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    SALINE COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) -- Police departments are going more and more high-tech. For instance, want to know who's in jail or has a warrant out for their arrest?

    Well, there's an app for that in Saline County. The sheriff's department launched a new app for Androids and soon iPhones.

    Technology like cell phones and apps are these guys expertise at Best Buy in Benton.

    "They have a police scanner app, but it's entirely different," says Nathan Shuptrine, a sales support supervisor at Best Buy.

    Shuptrine and Stacey Stanchak are quite impressed with the Saline County Sheriff's Department's new app.

    "It's pretty cool because you get to see all of the little hooligans in the neighborhood and see what they've done,"says Stanchak.

    They check out if their friends have warrants out for their arrest. And why some people are in jail. The app includes a list of jail inmates, bail bondsmen, attorneys, warrants, a directory, and facility location.

    But you'll notice, the sheriff's department still has to fill in more information under these tabs.

    For example, under warrants there are only nine people listed, without their mug shots and no details on why they're wanted. So, their warrants could be anything from a traffic violation to a felony.

    "It's a work in progress and we haven't got all the information added in their yet but as time goes by more and more warrants will be entered in there," says Lieutenant Scott Courtney.

    Courtney says he's excited about the other options this app provides.

    "Amber alerts for our area and silver alerts for the elderly and escaped prisoners," says Courtney.

    For the techies out there, it's fast to download and easy to navigate.

    "Informational wise. I say a B plus right now," says Stanchak.

    Even though the sheriff's department is one of the first to launch this type of app, it still doesn't have a facebook page or twitter account. Lieutenant Courtney says those sites are harder to manage and need to be updated daily.

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