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    Dr. Hal Hill suspected of poisoning wife Liesa Hill in Tennessee

    12:56 PM, Aug 8, 2012   |    comments
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    LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, Tenn. (CNN/WTVC) -- A Tennessee doctor is suspected of poisoning his wife.

    It was inside her lookout mountain home that a wife and mother of two says the unthinkable unfolded. She says her husband, a local physician, Dr. Hal Hill, poisoned her morning coffee. Liesa Hill's attorney Chrissy Mincy says, "I've never seen anything quite like it. To me, it seems like something right out of a book. Doesn't seem like this would happen, especially in the community of Lookout Mountain."

    Liesa Hill describes the disturbing details in this order of protection she filed against her husband on Friday saying she'd been severely sick for months, extremely tired, with a stomach ache. That's when she noticed her husband slipping something into her coffee. Mincy says, "She observed something that made her incredibly suspicious, and, at that point, had to act on instincts."

    Hill's attorney says she called police back in <arch, turned in a sample of her coffee, and stopped drinking it.

    The results came back last week showing exactly what JHill suspected: a toxic heavy metal called barium. Lookout Mountain Police Chief Randy Bowden says, "We don't take these allegations very lightly. We wanted to make sure before we moved forward with something this extreme that we were making the right move for Liesa and her children."

    That move involves a temporary order against Dr. Hill. He works for the Infectious Disease Physicians of Chattanooga, and is on staff at Memorial Hospital. But late this afternoon, Memorial Health Care System says they do not employ Dr. Hill.

    His office had no comment, and he did not return a message left on his cell phone.

    Meanwhile, lookout mountain police say the investigation into dr. Hill is far from over. Bowden says, "Very unusual. I've worked 26 years here. We've had a few semi-high profile, but this situation where you know it's a serious charge, serious allegations."

    We're told the Hills have been married for 14 years, and Liesa herself has a pharmacy degree.
    Lookout Mountain police say her symptoms did match those caused by barium.

    Again, the doctor has not been charged, but police say he is under investigation.

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