Preview: 'How I Met Your Mother' season 8

    11:13 AM, Sep 18, 2012   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CBS) - Season eight of CBS' hit comedy 'How I Met Your Mother' premiers next week, but here's a sneak peek!

    Josh Radnor says, "We left off with Ted coming in to see Robin, it's revealed she was the bride so we pick up season eight right there."

    Writers Craig Thomas and Pam Fryman say, "We learn the bride is Robin and some new questions are asked."

    Neil Patrick Harris says, "Season seven left Barney proposing to Quinn, his stripper girlfriend, who is awesome, and then you flash forward and you realize he ends up marrying not Quinn but Robin so season eight will be a long explanation of what came to be."

    Cobie Smulders says, "We have an intense conversation on what's going to happen. Barney and Robin are kind of loners. They are both afraid of commitment so they are both having their emotional battles."

    Neil Patrick Harris says, "Barney and Robin have always had sort of
    Are they or aren't they' dynamic to it. Barney prides himself on not settling down and it would take a specific chick to become his anchor and I think Robin is that chick."

    Cobie Smulders says, "I think Robin wants to be happy and I think Barney makes her very happy but it's a bit of a gamble and I think she's scared of being with somebody for the rest of her life."

    You also see Ted driving off into the sunset with Victoria, who just left her wedding. Radnor says, "We reunited and there was some fleeing at the altar, there's a lot of fleeing at the altar on this show. No one actually gets married, everyone gets up close and runs away. She left her man for me, Klaus her German fiancé, and then of course because it's 'How I Met Your Mother', complications ensue and then we have to deal with some stuff."

    Smulders says, "I think that this season there's going to be a lot of break-ups and make-ups.

    Harris says, "It's fun to see someone put Barney in his place. You wouldn't think a stripper would be a bit of kryptonite for him by she's thrown him into a loop."

    Thomas says, "Marshall and Lily had a kid. That is going into a new chapter in their life. There's a feeling as we near the end of the series that we get to fill in a lot of blanks and it's been a show with a lot of mystery and a lot of mythology that sets up called back years later. And heading into the end whether its this season or two more seasons it's great to answer some questions."

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