Weird But True: Free Lasik for replacement refs, Burger King mascot prank, Ostrich pillow

    6:02 AM, Sep 26, 2012   |    comments
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    From a Burger King prank on McDonalds to new pillow that might be so embarrassing you can't fall sleep, THV's Tom Brannon catches you up on some Weird But True headlines.

    Monday night's dramatic last-minute loss to the Seattle Seahawks has many Green Bay Packers fans seeing red. Now a Wisconsin eye care provider wants to help the N-F-L referee who made the game-deciding call see more clearly. 

    Dr. Christopher Smith is offering free Lasik surgery to the replacement referees who officiated Monday night's game. 

    "The referees obviously they had some vision issues, so we decided that they we could help them with that," says Dr. Smith.

    Smith says he and his staff will also talk to the referees about decision-making, and the rules of football. No word yet on whether the NFL will take the eye doctor up on his offer. 

    From replacement refs causing problems for football fans to Burger King causing problems for McDonalds, a Burger King mascot prank was the talk of the town in Rome, Georgia after a prankster dressed in the BK custom was spotted roaming around a local McDonald's location.

    Burger King has actually stopped using the mascot character in their promotions but that didn't stop the dressed man from handing out free hamburgers and taking taking pictures with kids. When questioned by the staff, the fake mascot said he was raising money for charities.

    Eventually, local police were called to the scene but no arrests were made. Watch the video and judge yourself whether it's funny or rude.

    And have you ever been so exhausted that all you want to do is take a nap but can't find the right place or get comfortable? Now a company called Studio Banana Things says they have the solution with their Ostrich Pillow.

    It's a wearable pillow that creates a micro environment for power napping. And in the ultimate case of form vs. function, it makes the wearer look like a praying mantis.

    Creators say that it's soothing cave-like interior both shelters and isolates your head and hands, perfect for a power nap.

    If you're interested in getting one for yourself, pledge $75 (or more) on Kickstarter.com.

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