'Awwww' Video: Dog instinctively adopts stray kitten

    5:21 PM, Sep 26, 2012   |    comments
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    JORDAN, MN (WCCO, CNN) -- When a Minnesota woman took in a stray kitten and didn't know how to care for it... her own dog instinctively started to help.

    "I put the baby down on the floor, and my dog mittens came over and started sniffing and she was meowing. She started licking it, and licking it and nudging it, and she laid down right by it and the kitty found her and she started sucking on her. After three days, my dog had milk. It's keeping it alive, it's growing like crazy, and she takes care of it, and cleans it, and loves it," says Patricia Weber.

    Weber goes on to say they live in a house of love. Just click the video for more.

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