Honoring Sgt. Jason Swindle

    10:48 PM, Sep 29, 2012   |    comments
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    U.S. Army Sgt. Jason Swindle died Sept. 20th while serving in Afghanistan.

    BEEBE ARK.; (KTHV)--Thousands showed up in Beebe Sunday afternoon to honor fallen soldier Jason Swindle. Services were held today for the soldier who was killed in Afghanistan.

    Sgt. Jason Swindle served in the U.S. Army, and he lost his life in a small arms fire last week.  Sunday, people lined the town of Beebe with red, white and blue to pay their respects to a man that fought for our freedom.

    Sgt. Jason Swindle, a father, son, brother and in many eyes an American hero. "He was a great leader, people always wanted to hear what he had to say because he's right." Tylor Banks, says he's known Swindle since they were toddlers, in fact he joined the army because of Swindle. "He convinced me to take the ASVAB and we went to Germany together." The two also served overseas together, Banks says Swindle was a leader people wanted to follow. "He was assertive, yet his heart was so big. People just enjoyed being around him so, it was an honor."

    Banks says Swindle's father spoke at his late son's memorial service about how precious life is. The Patriot Guard leader says they set a record attendance at Saturday's service, they estimate more than a thousand bikers came out to surround First Baptist church.

    Sgt. Jason Swindle died Thursday, September 20th while serving the military in Afghanistan. In honor of his service, the community of Beebe came out to show their support. This was Swindle's third duty overseas.  He left about a month ago and was expected to be a short tour with him returning home by Christmas.

    The city of Beebe honored the fallen soldier, many residents lined the town waving flags, wearing red white and blue and saluting the precession.

    Swindle leaves behind a son and an expecting wife. We're told the son on the way will be named after Jason Swindle. His father and two of his brothers also served our country in the military.   








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