Oregon farmer eaten by his own hogs

    11:58 AM, Oct 2, 2012   |    comments
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    NEAR RIVERTON, OR (CBS/KVAL) - A shocking story from the Oregon Coast. A farmer is eaten by his own hogs. The Sheriff's Department is now trying to figure out how this all happened.

    A small ranch by the Coquille River near Riverton is now a crime scene. There were dead animals on the property for an unknown reason. Viewers use your discretion when watching the video as some dead animals may be shown.

    Terry Garner, 70, was last seen last Wednesday heading out to feed his hogs. After a few hours, a family member went out to check on Garner only to find his dentures in his hog enclosure. That family member then called law enforcement for help to find Garner.

    After further investigation, it was determined that parts of Garner's body were all over the enclosure and that Garner's hogs had begun to actually eat Garner's body.

    At the ranch, law enforcement officers say they believe a heart attack or an animal attack is the cause of death, but because of the extreme circumstances they have asked crime scene investigators to look into the incident.

    Garner's remains will now be examined by an anthropologist at the University of Oregon.

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