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    Haley Rudd, John Hibbs arrested in jewelry theft investigation

    10:57 AM, Oct 12, 2012   |    comments
    • Haley Rudd is arrested in the investigation of stolen jewelry in Garland County. (Photo: Garland County Sheriff's Office)
    • John Hibbs is arrested in the investigation of stolen jewelry in Garland County. (Photo: Garland County Sheriff's Office)
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    GARLAND COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) - Two people are under arrest for allegedly breaking into a home and stealing over $37,000 worth of jewelry.

    The Garland County Sheriff's Office arrested Haley Rae Rudd, 26, and John Oscar Hibbs, 43, and charged them both with felony counts of residential burglary and theft of property more than $25,000, and possession of a firearm by certain persons. Both are convicted felons.

    Rudd is also charged with a felony count of second-degree forgery and misdemeanor counts of theft by deception and criminal impersonation. Rudd was released on bond while Hibbs remains behind bars.

    The Sheriff's office say a woman filed a burglary report saying someone pried open the back door to her home and stole her jewelry box that had all of her jewelry inside including rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, gold coins, pins, and bracelets with an estimated value of $37,160.

    Rudd and Hibbs were developed as suspects and learned that Rudd had sold some jewelry to a local jewelry store using her sister's ID. She then cashed the check given to her by the store with her sister's ID. The victim was able to identify the jewelry at the store as hers.

    Rudd was pulled over by authorities and whey they searched the vehicle they found the check stub from the jewelry store, a gold ring and a change purse with Rudd's sister's Arkansas and Texas IDs. Also found was $205 and a semi-automatic rifle in the trunk.

    Authorities say Rudd admitted to being involved in the burglary and the jewelry theft and selling the jewelry and cashing the check with her sister's ID. She also admitted to being a convicted felon and knowing about the gun in the trunk.

    Authorities say Rudd told them that her and Hibbs went to the house in her car and rang the doorbell. When no one answered, she says they used a pry bar to get into the house.

    While investigating into Hibbs' background, authorities found that Hibbs sold two firearms at a Central City Flea Market including a MK III rifle and a Japanese 7.7 mm rifle in September. The buyer told authorities that Hibbs initially tried to make the sale without an ID, but the buyer refused. He came back the next day with an ID and the sale was made.

    Hibbs was convicted of a felony count of residential burglary in 1986 and other felonies including theft and forgery.

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