Caught on Video: Dog rescued from rocks during high tide

    12:03 PM, Oct 19, 2012   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CNN) -- A dog whose owner says slipped her leash while on a walk ended up almost underwater. It's normal to see fish in the sea, maybe a dolphin. But a Shih Tzu?

    It was a doggie rescue at sea. Charlie Heard was on his paddleboard off the coast of england making a 600 mile trip. Next year he's planning a 3,000 mile paddle across the atlantic. The water sports instructor had been followed by a playful seal chased by stormy weather.

    But the real moment was when Charlie spotted a little dog stranded on rocks as the tide came in. He says, "And he's just stuck there like a little dude wondering what the hell to do."

    The Shih Tzu, later identified as Bam Bam, was marooned at the tip of a rock jetty submerged by high tide. Heard says, "Absolutely shocked. It was just a, just a remarkable, ridiculous place."

    Though the dog was panicking, Charlie managed to lift her into his paddleboat. His iPhone camera in a waterproof case was strapped to his neck. Between the tide and high winds, Heard says, "Literally had about 10 minutes until, until he would have been a goner."

    Charlie doesn't know how Bam Bam got left on the rocks more than a 100 yards from shore. Heard asys, "Well it's very suspect, you know It's a sort of little dog that would barely leave a woman's handbag. But it's also quite hard to believe somebody would leave it out there deliberately."

    Charlie paddled to shore and brought the dog to the nearest pub at the Hampton Inn. An embedded chip helped animal rescue folks identify the dog, though the owner hasn't yet been found.

    The rocks on which the dog was stuck were part of a manmade seawall called a groin. Heard says, "It realized I was there to help and nuzzled up between my legs in a nice way, and off we went."

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