New Zealand anti-royalist arrested before manure-attempt on royals

    7:14 AM, Nov 13, 2012   |    comments
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    AUCKLAND, New Zealand (CNN) -- A man in New Zealand is accused of planning to throw a bucket of horse manure at British royalty. The anti-Royalist was arrested in Auckland, New Zealand Monday as Prince Charles and his wife Camilla visited the city.

    Spending the night in a police cell's done little to change Sam Bracanov's mind about the royals or his plan to publicly humiliate them. He says, "I was not successful, but there's always next time."

    Police arrested the 74-year-old Croatian among Queen Street crowds just minutes before the royal couple's arrival with a bucket of horse manure hidden in this bag between his feet. Bracanov says, "Two dollar a big bag of horse manure... two dollar, so I got some and I you know got liquid, made a porridge...and then I would have done it."

    Bracanov's pleaded not guilty to preparing to commit a crime, but outside court, he opened up to reporters about his plan. He says, "If I were successful I would have thrown it at her or him. You know that is it, they deserve it."

    This isn't the first time Bracanov's had a go at touring royals. Usually air freshener is his weapon of choice. He made headlines when he sprayed Prince Charles in 1994 took aim at a car carrying the queen a year later. He says, "They got, they got a license to steal money. Who pay when they come here? Us. Did they ask you and me for dollars? No, they just come and take it."

    A judge released Bracanov on bail on the condition he stays at least 500 meters away from the royals for the rest of their visit. He said he would, but that he's still a man on a mission. He says, "I hope I'll be successful next time. They deserve a bucket of s---."

    Bracanov will be back in court at the end of the month.

    The royals are on a two-week tour of Australia and New Zealand as part of celebrations to celebrate Queen Elizabeth the Second's 60-year reign.

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