Indiana man has 'no regrets' about Romney face tattoo

    10:23 AM, Nov 14, 2012   |    comments
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    Eric Hartsburg with his Romney Tattoo on his face. (Photo: WBND - TV)

    MICHIGAN CITY, In. (CNN) - The memories of last week's presidential election are beginning to fade away, but not for everyone.

    An Indiana Republican will probably remember it for the rest of his life...because it's in permanent ink...on his face!
    Eric Hartsburg went above and beyond this year, campaigning for presidential candidate Mitt Romney. He got a Mitt Romney tattoo ... on his face.

    "I had it tattooed on me because it's something I believe in," Hartsburg said.

    He first auctioned his face on eBay, but after that failed, he knocked on a few more doors and someone bought the canvas.
    "A Republican candidate stepped up and was like, hey, I'll give you fifteen g's to do the side of the head. We'll do something tasteful."

    He says the Romney campaign sign on his face has been getting him a lot of attention. Some of the positive attention is from the Republican Party, while of course not-so-positive attention is coming from the Democrats.

    Hartsburg says he has no regrets and he would do it all over again - because he says he supported the Grand Ol' Party with his mind, body, and soul.

    "I know I did all I could for my candidate and my party."
    There are conflicting reports about just how much he got for the tattoo.

    Hartsburg told some media outlets that he tattooed his face after raising $5,000 for the effort.

    He says he plans to use the money for his kids' college fund, and hopes the tattoo opens some other doors in the entertainment business.

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