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    8 foods you should never eat out of season

    7:12 AM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Nowadays, you can eat pretty much any fruit or vegetable you want, all year long. But should you?

    Here are 5 foods doctors say you should never eat out of season from Yahoo! Health with Chris DiMinno, the chef at Portland, Oregon's modern gastropub Clyde Common.

    1. Tomatoes - Tomatoes are at their ripest and sweetest between August and mid-to-late October. In the winter choose jarred, crushed tomatoes over canned. Canned tomatoes contain BPA.

    2. Peas - Fresh peas are hard to find as their true season is about two weeks long. Eat them in early spring when they are sweetest and most tender. If you love peas, stock up on them early, shuck them, and freeze them.

    3. Asparagus - This vegetable is only good in early to mid-spring. After, the stalks become too woody. Frozen asparagus is good for cooked dishes and for a twist, try pickled asparagus.

    4. Wax beans - Summer is the best time to enjoy wax beans. If you want fresh, squeaky beans, you're better off living without them until next summer. In most recipes, wax beans can be swapped with green beans. Frozen green beans are better than canned, as canned beans have the highest levels of BPA.

    5. Corn - Corn is only at its prime in the late summer and early fall. In the off season look for frozen corn.

    6. Mushrooms - Every season has a mushroom you can enjoy like morels in the spring, truffles in the winter and summer, chanterelles in the fall, and lobster mushrooms in the summer. Mushrooms are highly absorbent so don't clean them in water but instead trim off the bottoms and clean them off with a pastry brush.

    7. Lettuces - The best lettuce is grown in late winter and early spring. In the off season consider lettuce alternatives like kale and red or green cabbage.

    8. Peaches - The best time for peaches is the middle of summer. Other times of the year, look for peach butters and preserves. Don't bother with frozen; according to a taste test hosted by the San Francisco Chronicle said they had no flavor.

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