Police: Mass shooting plot prevented

    1:56 PM, Nov 20, 2012   |    comments
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    BOLIVAR, Missouri (CNN/KSPR) -- A potential disaster is averted in Missouri. Police say they foiled a man's plan to open fire on a movie theater and a Walmart. They say they were clued into his plot after getting a concerned call from the man's mother.

    Friend Ethan Mason, "When you are shooting something, you are shooting a target, you have some adrenaline going when you are shooting. Cause you are aiming down a barrel of a target. It's just, it gets that adrenaline going."

    Adrenaline that Mason says he wanted to show his friend, Blaec Lammers. Tuesday, the friends shot targets with Lammers new assault weapons.

    Police say five days later, Lammers wanted to shoot people. Mason says, "I don't see him ever doing that, I mean, for a guy to plan out something like that, it would take a lot of planning, and I don't see Blaec doing something like that."

    According to court documents, Lammers planned everything from buying the online movie tickets, to the weapons from Walmart.

    Police say they had to act quickly before the plan was carried out. Bolivar City administrator Darin Chappell says, "The entire police department has just performed very, very, very professionally. We had the suspect in custody within an hour of being notified by the family."

    Now, police must see if there was anything else to the elaborate plan. Friends say police won't find anything else but a troubled man. Mason says, "Blaec is a normal person. I mean, he may have had moments where he might have those thoughts, but from what I known him, Blaec is one of the nicest, sweetest people I've ever met and he will do anything to help somebody."

    Lammers is charged with assault, making a terroristic threat, and armed criminal action .
    Prosecutors have asked that he undergo a mental evaluation.

    A ruling on that is expected to come Wednesday.

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