Fredrick Hengle pleads not guilty to killing, cooking wife

    6:21 AM, Nov 23, 2012   |    comments
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    VISTA, Calif. (CNN/KGTV) -- A 68-year old man is accused of killing his wife then cooking her on their stove. Neighbors say an awful smell alerted them to something being very wrong in their Southern California neighborhood.

    The charges against 68-year-old Frederick Hengl read like a script from a horror movie. Police say he murdered his 70-year-old wife, Anna, then cut up her body and cooked it.

    Cops showed up to their Oceanside home, they found body parts cooking in three pots on the stove and the woman's head in the freezer. You can guess how neighbors reacted. Neighbor Karina says, "It's disgusting. It's absolutely disgusting." Greg Abad says, "Something that graphic? Like, it's actually psychotic. Who does that?"

    Hengl pleaded not guilty in court. Pretty standard for an arraignment, but the evidence against him is staggering.

    Neighbors told us the couple was always weird, that she seemed to have a mental illness and Hengl was a cross dresser.

    But nothing prepared them for this. Neighbor Jordan Kohn says, "It very much so sounds like a horror story. Like something out of like 'American Psycho,' just cutting up bodies."

    Neighbors say the rumors of the gruesome details started making the rounds as gossip, but they didn't want to believe what seemed unbelievable. Kohn says, "It's just weird to think that something that horrific would even happen but that it would happen this close to us."

    Police haven't released a motive or a cause of death. Hengl's next hearing is Dec. 3.

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