Family of shooting victim speaks out

    10:39 PM, Nov 23, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Ernest Hoskins Jr. was shot and killed in Ward two weeks ago, and now his family is speaking out and seeking justice. Arkansas State Police said they're still investigating the shooting.

    With no arrests made and little information from state police, Hoskins' mother and wife hired lawyer Benjamin Crump. Crump also represents Trayvon Martin's parents of the Florida teen allegedly shot and killed by a neighborhood watchman in February.

    Hoskins' family said he did not seem to have any issues with co-workers and this incident came as a shock.

    "Why would you bring a gun into a business meeting? That's the biggest question that there is. What could possibly have been said or went wrong for you to bring a gun into a business meeting," said Nikki Hoskins, the widow of the victim.

    The 21-year-old was shot and killed November 9th on Deer Run Drive in Ward.

    Arkansas State Police released a statement Friday afternoon saying the investigation is ongoing.

    THV 11 spoke with Prosecuting Attorney Chuck Graham, and he said since the day of the shooting he has not received the necessary information from Arkansas State Police to move forward with charges. Graham said he fully expects criminal charges to be filed once he gets the information from state police.

    "This family has to go another day knowing that the killer of her husband and her son is still free, while Ernest Hoskins is in the ground," said Crump.

    Graham said he tried unsuccessfully this past week to speak with an ASP investigator, and he will touch base again on Monday.

    "This is my son. If someone could just tell me why this man has not been arrested for killing my son... I pray, and I'll continue to pray and only God has the answers. He's not coming back to me," said Monica Hoskins, the mother of the victim.

    THV 11 knows the identity of the alleged shooter, but because official charges have not been issued, we're withholding the name.

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