Nahlen family wins $40,000 out of Powerball Jackpot

    12:02 AM, Nov 30, 2012   |    comments
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    • The Nahlen Family (Photo: Arkansas Scholarship Lottery)

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- As we wait to find out who the lucky winners of Wednesday night's record Powerball Jackpot are, we do know of some Arkansans who won a piece of the Powerball pie.

    THV 11 News caught up with a family in Conway that won $40,000. The Nahlen family said that is the highest prize in Arkansas from the last night's Powerball.

    "The whole bunch was excited. We were all together," Mary Nahlen said.

    Nahlen and her husband T.J. joined their five children in a Powerball pool Wednesday.
    "We did a Quick Pick," Daughter Phyllis Childers said.

    They bought 42 tickets at the Toad Suck One Stop in Perry County and found out Wednesday night that one ticket matched four Powerball numbers.

    "A lot of texting, calling, a brother-in-law trying to get on the Internet, I was trying to get on the Internet," Childers said. "If you had the multiplier you were a $40,000 winner and there was only one of those and that was us."

    Divied up, each family member gets $4,534 after taxes.

    "We're just trying to let it all in that we won, you know, of course we're going to give some to charity you know that," Nahlen said.

    "Some to charity and then we're going to finish doing some things that we've been doing to the house," Childers said.

    They are leaving out the frills but still enjoying the experience, especially as a family.

    "Just had a real good family day, a very good family day," Childers said.

    What also made it special for this family was that one of their children just happened to be home for a visit from Wyoming; so they had the whole gang together for this win. The family pooled together the last time Powerball was so high, but that time they only got $6.50 a piece

    The Arkansas Lottery also reported a $10,000 winner from Lonoke but no word yet on that person's name. In all, Arkansas players didn't come away empty-handed, winning a whopping $1,187,622 in Powerball prizes. Arkansas players have won $37,572,228 in Powerball prizes since start-up on October 31, 2009.

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