Christmas parade with proposal surprise

    9:25 AM, Dec 5, 2012   |    comments
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    COVINGTON, GA (CNN/WXIA) -- One woman in North Georgia gets an unexpected holiday gift in front of her whole town. Her boyfriend proposed to her with a float in the Covington Christmas parade!

    Take it from the music, the tree, and the wreath-bound clock, Covington Square loves its Christmas and so does the new king of Convington. This Christmas season, Andrew Terrell decided to do a big thing for his girlfriend, Kaila Sills.

    They met on the first day of class in eighth grade. Terrell says, "Sat right beside each other. The first girl I ever called on the phone, first girl I ever kissed, held hands with, all that fun stuff."

    They went through high school together, then college together. They had some on times and some off times. But, with each about to turn 21, Andrew knew it was time to propose; propose with a surprise at last Saturday's Covington Christmas parade. Sills says, "I had no idea. I just thought they were planning something good for Christmas... turned out to be even better."

    Andrew and his family built a float and got in line. And once Andrew got down on one knee, Kaila didn't need long to respond.

    For a few days, Andrew has indeed been the king of Covington. But all the theatrics, all that Christmas cheer; it's all about celebrating that bond between the soon-to-be king and queen. Andrew says, "You can find true love at any age. It doesn't matter how old you are, you never know when it's gonna happen to you."

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