Governors, principal, doctor react to Ct. school shootings

    7:09 PM, Dec 14, 2012   |    comments
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    NEWTOWN, Conn. (KTHV) - After Friday's mass deadly shooting at a Connecticut elementary school, many people spoke out in reaction and support of the victim's families.

    Twenty-seven people, including the gunman, died at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The Associated Press reported Adam Lanza, the suspected gunman, first killed his mother at their home and then went to the school she taught at and opened fire. Among the victims are students, teachers, and other staffing personnel.

    In the wake of the tragedies, Newtown received support from other people who have suffered through similar tragedies. The principal of Columbine High School (Colorado) made a statement, as well as Co. Governor John Hickenlooper. Colorado has made national news due to a high-profile school shooting and the more-recent move theater shooting in Aurora.

    The doctor of a hospital in Newtown also briefed the public on circumstances after the shootings. Two children died after being transported from the school to the hospital.

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