Tornado and wind damage across the state

    10:25 PM, Dec 20, 2012   |    comments
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    SHERIDAN, Ark. (KTHV) - Winds were blowing as high as 60 miles per hour across the state after Wednesday night's stormy weather. At least two tornadoes have been confirmed and several reports of damage have come in.

    Residents in Sheridan got quite the scare early Thursday morning after a tornado ripped through parts of Grant County. For the lucky ones, damage was minimal, but for others it was catastrophic.

    "It's a miracle I guess," said Gerald Winston. The storm left just as quick as it came, leaving his home in pieces.

    "I thought part of that tree had fell on the house, and I got up to go down the hall. I said, 'Where's the hall at?' There was no hall anymore," said Winston.

    He awoke to his home torn apart by an F1 Tornado-one of two that hit the Natural State.

    "Terrifying. Luckily everybody is okay. That's the main thing," said Chris Miller, who lived just down the road.

    His home was spared any severe damage, but Miller spent all day cleaning up the debris that littered his property.

    "The roof off the shop, all my kids trampoline, the playground... We've got some roof damage on the home some shingles missing," said Miller.

    The damage didn't stop in Sheridan. High winds, down trees and power outages stretched across the state, knocking out traffic lights, power lines and blocking the roadway on Kavanaugh in Little Rock.

    "A lot of trees have fell today. I couldn't believe it when we went out, but we got a lot of crews probably be out here today trying to get this big tree out. Big power line fell down too over here," said Fred Lawerence, a city worker who spent the afternoon clearing roads and properties.

    It was a quick storm that most will recover from, but Winston said he'll never forget this storm.

    "Something woke me up. I don't know if the Good Lord lead me in here to keep me safe or what," said Winston.

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