Boy sells cocoa to help best friend get much needed surgery

    7:36 AM, Dec 21, 2012   |    comments
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    BALTIMORE, MD (CNN/WBFF) -- For now, a boy in Baltimore struggles to eat. A tumor that destroyed half his jaw, but an 8-year-old's gift should let him go back to being a normal kid.

    Jeremy and Matthew have lunch and swap wish lists since Christmas is just around the corner while eating lunch.

    But Matthew wishes he could eat things like pizza. He says, "Well, I had a tumor, so it started eating away my jawbone."

    A massive tumor and half of Matthew's jaw were removed. His mom says, "He has a metal bar titanium bar that goes from his ear to his chin."

    A second surgery was scheduled Dec. 7 to add permanent implants, or teeth. But the bill is $5,500. His mom says, "We could not come up with it, so we did everything we could think of. I was just at my end. I was completely hopeless, and I had to call and cancel it, and then tell my child that he couldn't have the surgery." Matthew says, "Just disappointing."

    Jeremy says, "I wanted to help my friend, because he needs his last surgery." So Jeremy decided to sell cocoa to come up with the cash. Matthew says, "I was so surprised when Jeremy started helping me."

    Jeremy says, "I like to help kids, because I'm just a nice boy."

    And they launched a Facebook page: Saving Selby's Smile. Jeremy's mom says, "This is exactly what people need right now. They need that hope. They need to restore their faith in humanity."

    Eight days later, Jeremy says, "We raised $5,205."

    It was an early Christmas gift for both boys' moms. Jeremy's mom says, "At eight-years-old, he just has the biggest heart. I was extremely proud. His heart is as big as the moon."

    Matthew's mom says, "Honestly, this was the only thing on my list. I just wanted to be able to get Matthew his surgery and let him be a normal kid again."

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