Agencies available to help those in need without power

    10:37 PM, Dec 28, 2012   |    comments
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    Snow storm damage in Little Rock. (Photo Taken: Dec. 27, 2012)

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - It's been four days since tens of thousands of people in Central Arkansas have had power. Entergy Arkansas said it could be another four days until all power is restored to folks in the area.

    With many people in dire situations, there are organizations that are willing and able to help people in need. Local police and fire departments and Waste Management are able to provide resources and help. In Little Rock, people can call 3-1-1 for non-emergency calls and to request welfare checks.

    The Arkansas Dept. of Emergency Management (ADEM) also has offices in each county. For a county-by-county list of each agency, click here. ( http://www.adem.arkansas.gov/ADEM/Divisions/DM/LC/index.aspx )

    The main phone number to reach ADEM is (501) 683-6700.

    "If you're using a portable generator they do create carbon monoxide, so you do not want to bring them inside your home," said Terry Hinson with Pulaski County Office of Emergency Management.

    While it may seem like common sense, Hinson said last year an entire family died from carbon monoxide poisoning. The family tried charging a mobile device using the car while the power was out and never woke up.

    "Once you start your car inside your garage, you're filling your home with carbon monoxide," he said.

    Hinson said to adhere to instructions with gas cooking appliances; don't move outdoor cooking devices inside. He also recommended only using these appliances for cooking.

    "A lot of people want to turn on the burners on their stove or turn their oven on and open the door. That device is not made for home heating, it's made for cooking," said Hinson.

    For those needing help with transportation to a shelter or a welfare check reach out to your emergency management agency. In Little Rock, call 311 for a non-emergency request.

    "Little Rock Police, the fire department, Entergy, Waste Management, they will be able to provide you with phone numbers and really a good resource," said Captain Jason Weaver with the Little Rock Fire Department.

    Weaver said there is a crew scheduled to transport people to warming centers, and Little Rock Police can check on people in need. Hinson said community involvement is key during this winter storm.

    "Check on your neighbors. You need to check on family and friends. We've had a phone call from long distance about someone that was worried about their sister not having power. So we've done some welfare checks," said Hinson.

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