De Queen Powerball player claims $2M

    6:46 PM, Dec 31, 2012   |    comments
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    So how are your chances?  Here is a list of Powerball wins in Arkansas in the last three years and three months:

    ONE $25 MILLION winner   
    ONE $2 MILLION winner    
    Five $1,000,0000 winners     
    $ 5,000,000
    Nine $200,0000 winners        
    Two $100,000 winners           
    $   200,000
    Ten $50,000 winners              
    $   500,000
    Twenty-two $40,000 winners
    $   880,000
    Eight $30,000 winners
    $   240,000
    Nine $20,000 winners            
    $  180,000
    Fifty-six $10,000 winners       
    $   560,000

    LITTLE ROCK - December 31, 2012 - Happy New Year to Arkansas Millionaire Sherry Miller! The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery today presented a check to the previously unidentified winner of the $2 Million Powerball prize on December 26. For last Wednesday's Powerball drawing, Ms. Miller, of De Queen, spent $2 on a ticket, $1 on the PowerPlay, and correctly chose all five white-ball numbers. The ticket was purchased at B & B Junction on Highway 71 North in Lockesburg (both towns are in Sevier County). As Sherry Miller proved, prizes from $4 to $2 Million are up for grabs in every Powerball drawing, regardless of the size of the jackpot.

    Ms. Miller today arrived at the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Claim Center at 124 West Capitol Avenue in Little Rock to claim her prize. Tax deductions of $140,000 for the State of Arkansas and $250,000 for the federal government left $1,610,000 as the amount she took home. She is pictured (attached) in the center with members of her family on either side. She said she wants to use the money to purchase a home for her family and grandchildren.

    A prize at this level is won when the player correctly chooses the five white-ball numbers between 1 and 59, but not the Powerball number (between 1 and 35). The prize is $1,000,000, but Sherry was smart and added the $1 PowerPlay, which doubled the prize to $2 Million. That extra dollar earned her another million dollars!

    The next chances to win big are tonight with either the Arkansas-only Natural State Jackpot at $200,000 or Decades of Dollars with a top prize of $250,000 a year for 30 years. Tuesday, Mega Millions offers a jackpot of $30 Million, and Wednesday is your next chance to win Powerball, like Ms. Miller, with a top prize of $50 Million.

    (Source: Arkansas Scholarship Lottery)

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