A Labor of Love: The Glovers Part 2

    7:27 PM, Jan 1, 2013   |    comments
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    EL PASO, Ark. (KTHV) -- With the last few strokes of the paint brush, the Glovers' home is complete.

    "It was a long haul but we got it done. It's a miracle," says volunteer Tony Chisum. "We are far more blessed than Tony or Karolyn ever was but that's what happens when you do things you're supposed to do so it's been the best Christmas I've ever had."

    "Just doing something for your fellow man, you know everybody needs help. I just wish there was more people out there to do stuff like this for everybody," says volunteer, Charlie Mills.

    While it seems everything is as it should be, someone is missing.

    "The brain cancer, it just took over. He slipped into a coma Dec. 17 and passed away Dec. 18 at 10:15 a.m," says Karolyn Glover.

    Tony Glover's eyes never saw his home complete but his wife Karolyn says his heart knew full well the work was done.

    "They all came and got to say goodbye to him and Scooter told him, the mobile home is done. You ain't have to worry about her no more," says Karolyn.

    "I just told him you know if you gotta go, go ahead and go buddy your wife is taken care of and that was the main thing. I think he needed his mind put at rest," says Chisum.

    "I wish Tony could be here to see it. But you know, he knows. He knows it's done," says Mills.

    Now, Karolyn will have a place to call home. It's a couple's love that will live on through the good will of perfect strangers.

    "As Tony called them, his angels and they are. It's not everyday, someone off the street is going to help you do this. There is no greater group of people. You'd never find them. I don't care how far you look," says Karolyn.

    Tony Chisum says all of those who came together to help the Glovers have become the best of friends. They all say they gained so much from the project, they plan to do others like it, even if it means fixing up each others' homes in their spare time.

    Karolyn says they are always welcome at the house they made into a home for her.

    Tony Glover is originally from Chicago, but because of the way his community in El Paso surrounded him during his last few weeks, he asked his family to bury him at a cemetery not even a mile from Karolyn's new home.

    "A Labor of Love: The Glovers Part 1"

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