8 winter hazards that can harm your pet

    6:27 AM, Jan 3, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- As a pet owner, you have more to worry about than high winds and snowstorms this winter.

    Here are eight winter hazards from the experts that can harm your pet from Good Housekeeping.

    1. Car engines - Cats can crawl up into the engine even if the hood is closed. Try banging on the hood or honking the horn to scare critters that might have cozied up near the motor.

    2. Cold temperatures - Most pets can easily get frost-bite or hypothermia. And, contrary to popular belief, pets are not much safer in a vehicle. Limit an animal's time outdoors; dress small or hairless dogs in sweaters; and, if possible, place booties on your dog, no matter the size, to shelter them from wind and snow.

    3. Antifreeze - Just a couple of licks of this sweet stuff can be lethal to a dog or cat. Keep in a leak-proof container off the floor and clean up any spills immediately. If you suspect your pet has ingested some, see a vet immediately.

    4. Carbon monoxide - Nobody likes climbing into a cold car, but resist the urge to start the engine in a garage where your animal lives. Carbon monoxide, even in small amounts, can kill pets. It's a good idea to install carbon monoxide detectors. A symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning in pets is nausea.

    5. Ice-melting products - These products can irritate your pet's paws and licking enough can get them sick. Wipe your pet's paws off when they come in from outside, or put little booties on their paws for extra protection. There are pet-safe ice-melting products available like Morton Safe-T Pet Ice Melt or Safe Paw Ice Melter.

    6. Slippery sidewalks - Don't walk your pets on icy sidewalks as your pet could loose its footing and dislocate a hip. If your pet is older or has health problems, it could fracture something. When taking your pet out, be mindful of your surroundings and keep your pets on a leash.

    7. Candles and heatersRemember to place candles and heaters out of reach of pets and their tails. Be cautious of electric heated beds, as some could cause house fires or burn pets.

    8. Frozen bodies of water or snow - Bodies of water may look frozen, but in many cases they're not and pets can easily fall through. Even strong swimmers can't swim long in cold water and some may drown instantly. Your pet should always be wearing an ID tag as pets have a hard time tracking their scent in the snow and can easily get disoriented.

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