Calif. teens drugged parents to use the Internet

    1:09 PM, Jan 3, 2013   |    comments
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    ROCKLIN, CA (CBS/KOVR) -- Police say two Sacramento-area teenagers used a prescription sleeping medication to spike the milkshakes of parents so they could log onto the Internet. The parents called police and the 15-year-old Rocklin girl and her friend were taken to Juvenile Hall.

    A neighbor says, "I was shocked. I didn't expect that to happen out here."

    That's the sentiment around this Rocklin neighborhood after the teen's mother says her daughter drugged her and her father to get online.

    They became the teen's legal guardians after she was their foster child. Now she's facing some serious charges after investigators say she put her friend's sleeping pills in their milkshakes.

    Lt. Lon Milka with Rocklin Police says, "They only had about a quarter of the milkshake but after an hour they felt drowsy and then they ended up falling asleep."

    Mom says the milkshake tasted odd and she felt strange. It was the second time she felt that way. She thought that was strange, so she started checking into her daughter's Internet and phone use. When she confronted her, she says the teen admitted to the drugging, claiming she was too strict.

    Milka says, "We believe it was all about Internet usage."

    Mom says her daughter can't use the Internet after 10 p.m.; setting ground rules to protect her from the dangers that go along with the Internet.

    But after she says her daughter drugged her for the second time, she drove her to the police department. Mom felt it was important her teenager faced the consequences. Neighbors agree. David Brewer says, "I believe it was responsible parenting."

    Another says, "They are sending a signal not just to the child but to other kids alike that says hey this stuff is not acceptable."

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