Oh deer! Buck crashes 8th grade classroom

    11:51 AM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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    MASON, OH (CNN/WLWT) -- A surprise guest at an Ohio school on Monday. A deer came crashing through the window of a classroom and school employees had to get creative to get him out.

    The 10-point buck made an entrance 8th grade teacher Erik Poggi will never forget.

    The big guy hung around for awhile clearly hurt, limping around the classroom, knocking over desks. Battalion chief Doug Wehmeyer says, "Luckily the classroom it broke into, it wasn't able to break out of. It was concrete block walls and brick. Once it got in through the Plexiglas window, it was stuck."

    The three in the classroom, made it out safely while history teacher, Dustin Goldie came to the rescue. He's also a deer farmer. He called his mother to bring his tranquilizers. student broadcasters documented it all on video.

    First the deer was roaming around, and then Goldie loaded the tranquilizer gun and helping to calm the buck down to protect kings students.

    Goldie says during breeding season, bucks sometimes do crazy things. He says, "In my opinion he was probably running around, he saw his reflection in the window and thought it was another buck and tried to attack it and crash through the window and scared a lot of people."

    Probably no one more than mr. Poggi who never planned on this type of show and tell.

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