Home, holistic remedies for cold, flu season

    9:27 PM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - From honey and tea to placing sliced onion near your bed, home and holistic flu remedies span far and wide. Fighting the flu can often be a long drawn out battle.

    Whether you're currently fighting flu symptoms or just want to keep the virus away, there are many home remedies to know about.

    "Folks don't always realize how much fluid loss you have whenever you're running a fever and sweating out a lot of fluids, breathing out water vapor. You lose a lot of intrinsic water that way," said Doctor Wendell Pahls, of Baptist Health.

    Pahls heads up emergency services and said if you're nauseous, consume smaller amounts.

    "Take room temperature or slightly cool fluids and take frequent small sips," said Dr. Pahls.

    Other home remedies include many different concoctions of tea and honey. Immune booster foods like garlic, oranges, and raspberries can also help your body recover. Some even believe onions can combat the virus, soaking up germs like a sponge.

    Sara Massana with Whole Foods said January brings a lot of wellness business to their store.

    "For the cold and flu season that's the best thing. You want to start healthy eating habits and that way you will strengthen your immune system," said Massana.

    As for the onion, let's just say it's not what the doctor ordered.

    "If you take an onion and split it in half and smear butter on it and rub it all over your head and face you'll look really foolish by the time you're thru. That's about the only thing it would do," said Pahls.

    For temporary nasal relief, steam and aromatic oils can help clear you out, but the doc said it all comes back to hydration.

    "That's really fundamentally what you're getting at is getting the person through the viral syndrome," said Pahls.

    Dr. Pahls said now is one of the most important times to be aware of spreading germs. Know many day-to-day items like door knobs, restaurant menus, and even grocery carts can carry bad bacteria.

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