Child murder suspect Ricardo Chaves dos Santos caught in U.S.

    10:57 AM, Jan 15, 2013   |    comments
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    KINGSLAND, GA (CNN/WAWS) -- An international fugitive wanted on child murder charges is caught in Kingsland, Georgia. Authorities arrested the suspect at a store on Sunday.

    Ricardo Chaves dos Santos, 31, is wanted for killing a child overseas and police foudn him thouands of miles away in Kingsland, Georiga. Lt. Todd Tetterton with Kingsland Police says, "He was obviously intoxicated, just making a lot of noise."

    Tetterton says an officer was called to a local gas station at 3:30 a.m. A man, later identified as Dos Santos, was drunk, yelling and bothering other customers inside the store.

    The officer ran a routine background check and realized Dos Santos matched the description of a man wanted for murdering a child in Luxembourg. Tetterton says, "He has some tattoos and the name is somewhat unusual so it was an exact match as well a the date of birth and other identifying information he gave to us."

    Ricardo Chaves dos Santos gave police his real name and didn't argue when he was arrested. Police say he was most recently tracked to Charleston, South Carolina and was likely just passing through town.

    He's now behind bars in Camden County for being a fugitive out of state, a charge that also applies to those from other countries. Tetterton says, "A warrant will be procured for him and that warrant will be served and he'll be transferred to a Marshals federal holding cell where he will stay until the actual extradition takes place. Either the authorities from Luxembourg will come get him or the Marshals service will transport him over there."

    It's unclear when that extradition might happen or how long it could take.

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