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    U.S. programmer outsources own job to China

    8:25 AM, Jan 17, 2013   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CNN) -- You've probably heard of American companies outsourcing jobs to other countries for cheaper labor. But it turns out a U.S. computer programmer actually outsourced his own job to China so he could goof off at work! 

    This comes from a case study by the Verizon Business consulting company. The study focused on an employee named "Bob" at an unnamed "critical infrastructure" company.

    The company discovered its computer systems were being accessed from China.

    They initially thought hackers were responsible.

    But it was really Bob the programmer. He hired a firm in Shenyang to do his work, during his schedule.

    He paid the Chinese programmers about one-fifth of his six-figure salary to handle programming, while Bob surfed the internet all day. 

    But Bob apparently got careless, and he got caught after corporate investigators checked his computer history.

    When their investigation was over, Bob got fired. 

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