Bees swarm mini-helicopter camera

    12:19 PM, Jan 24, 2013   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CNN) -- Some video shot by a drone is creating buzz; The kind of buzz that comes from a swarm of bees apparently irritated by what was, to them, an unidentified flying object.

    We've seen a bug make a cameo on the weather channel and a spider that seemed ready to try and hitch a ride on the space shuttle, but what happens when a bee meets a drone.

    It was a bunch of bees swarming the drone equipped with a camera.

    They ended up being put to music, the flight of the bumblebees, naturally.

    It happened when WPEC's operations manager, Carl Pugliese sent up one of the station's drones to get video of a West Palm Beach mall being demolished. Instead the drone got attacked by bees.

    Carl was on the ground swatting, watching the video streamed live over his iPhone. He says, "I'm sitting here going like this with bees and look up there's a bunch of bees and I look in my iPhone when you see the video it looks like Star Wars. I had all these bees coming at the mother ship."

    If you think of the press as being sort of pests you'd like to swat, imagine how bees would react to a news drone. After all, a drone buzzes. One even landed directly on the lens.

    As Carl started to bring the drone in for a landing, he got buzzed. So he jumped in his vehicle, but bees followed him in and he had to open the door to get them out. Carl and his photographer, Chad Ellison each got stung a couple of times. but the drone got it worse.

    The blades chopped up some of the bees so that Carl had to clean the drone with alcohol. While Carl was in his car dealing with bees, a homeless guy came up to the window. Carl says, "And he goes, you know bees sense your fear and if you just sit still they won't bother you and as he's telling me this bees start attacking him so I'm yelling thru the window, 'sit still!'"

    The guy ran. Carl ended up landing the drone from inside the SUV. We've seen lots of stories about swarms that cluster on cars. But we could drone on forever about the time the bees went after a drone. Call in the swat team.

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